Sustainable Dining with Greenspace Vertical Gardens

Step towards a Greener Future

Embracing Sustainable Dining with Greenspace Vertical Gardens

At Bottega Coco Restaurant, we are proud to partner with Greenspace Vertical Garden. A revolutionary initiative that aims to transform the food industry and promote sustainability.

We source our fresh microgreens from Greenspace’s innovative community vertical farming model. By transforming underutilised urban spaces into thriving Macrofarms, Greenspace produces nutrient-dense micro herbs, lettuces and edible flowers using significantly less water and space compared to traditional farming methods. This not only ensures the freshest and healthiest ingredients for our dishes but also reflects our dedication to protecting the environment.

Greenspace’s produce stands out not just for its high quality but also because of its sustainable farming methods. By using vertical farming, Greenspace drastically reduces water consumption (up to 95% less compared to traditional farming) and grows produce at an impressive rate of 10.2 days on average.

As a partner of Greenspace, Bottega Coco actively contributes to reducing food transport, waste, and plastic packaging. By embracing this innovative approach to food production and distribution, we support a greener and more sustainable future.

We now offer the opportunity to take a piece of our micro garden home with you, visit us in-store for more information. By supporting this ethical farming approach, we take pride in contributing to a greener future and a healthier planet, one delicious meal and micro green at a time.

Experience the taste of sustainability at Bottega Coco and join us on this exciting journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious dining experience.

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